Founder of Anuvrat

Acharya Tulsi ( October 20, 1914 - June 23, 1997 ) was a Jainist Acharya (an ascetic). He was the founder of movement. The son of devout Jain traders Acharya, Tulsi was born in 1914 in Ladnun, India to Jhumarmal Khated and Vadana Ji. Acharya Kalugani, the family guru, greatly influenced Tulsi, later recalling: "His divine face fascinated my heart and I used to gaze at him for hours."

Tulsi took his monk's vows at age 11 with remarkable dedication, and by the time he was 16, he had already started attracting acolytes. In 1936, Kalugani nominated Tulsi to be his successor, making him head of Terapanth group. Through his oversight, he initiated more than 776 monks and nuns.

Tulsi realized that the independence of India would be futile unless the national character was developed. On March 2, 1949 he launched the Anuvrat Movement to spearhead this idea (anu (small), vrat (vow)). Conceived in five principles (Truth, Nonviolence, Non-possession, Non-stealing and Celibacy), the Movement was inspired followers to practice purity and self - discipline in their personal lives. By experiencing self- transformation, citizens could move toward a nonviolent socio - political world order. The movement also held to the ideas that Dharma is not merely an instrument of ensuring happiness in the hereafter but is also a means to bring happiness to the present life, that he who was fails to make his present life better is unlikely to achieve happiness in the hereafter, and that the primary aims of Dharma is to purify character (its ritualistic practices are secondary).

Anuvrat Anushashta

Acharya Mahashraman ji has been associated with his mentor, Acharya Mahapragya as an inseparable colleague in all his social reformative programmes under the Anuvrat Movement. He not only conceived the philosophical background of the Anuvrat movement but also assisted his Guru in planning all its subsequent activities.

Acharya Tulsi, Acharya Mahapragya and Acharya Mahashraman had initiated several of steps towards the removal of old evil traditions like Dowry System, Mrityubhoj(organising luncheons on death), Purdah System, Child Marriage, blind faith on orthodox beliefs, keeping widows in seclusion for twelve months etc. The ‘Nayamod’ movement was one of those movements which was started to eradicate the social evils, which were prevalent in many Regions of Rajasthan. He has changed the viewpoints and superstitions about Dharma. Religion is that zenith of the Supreme that cannot be kept inside four walls.

Acharya Mahashraman connects religion closely to life and proves that it brings a wealth of satisfaction. He has been successful in educating many people and spreading the relevance of Anuvrat and its importance in the Modern World. He has also been conferred the title of Anuvrat Anushasta (Spiritual and Moral Disciplinarian) as it was also conferred on Acharya Mahapragya.

These activities and programmes of awakening the self-consciousness in women and developing of the right instincts in children and youngsters for healthy society are being closely supervised by Mahasamani Sadhavi Pramukha Kanak Prabhaji, the Head of Female Saints. In the words of Acharya Shri, she is an epitome of humility, compassion and kindness. She is indeed quite diligent, sincere and wise, who is totally dedicated to the objective and social cause set forth by Acharya Shri.
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